ManusPlus introduces Shift Planning

ManusPlus has been extended with Shift Planning 


This new tool is developed to assist companies that have strict knowledge on how much employees they need with which qualities at what time, based on experience and specific conditions. The shifts are predefined by you, based on the knowledge you have built up over the years.


In other words, depending on the weather you know the afternoon service will be slow-medium-busy and you define the required shifts to be filled in. The planner has as task to fulfil the need based on the available employees, their CLA, +/- balances and costs.


The shifts allow for last-minute changes but can also be used in case your business model defines required capacity well up front. Which means the occupancy of your branch determines the staff several weeks up front. Based on the experience you can choose the shift planning belonging to the expected occupancy. 


In case you want more information, or you assume shift planning might be the way forward for your organisation, please contact us at 



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ManusPlus introduces Shift Planning